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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

AvaAlexLoan 242.JPG    The founder of New York lifesyle ,December 1985

About Us

   New York Lifestyle is a custom design company that has built a strong reputation for it's unparalled pricing and customer service since 1985.

   New York Lifestyle offers traditional and contemporary custom design for office furniture, home office, entertainment units,  home theatres, bedroom furniture, kitchens, vanities, bars and wall paneling .   

     At New York Lifestyle, you can choose from a wide range of specially selected materials for your personally designed furniture.  Exotic Woods, designer glass, solid woods, veneers, laminates, metals, mirrors and solid surfaces can all be used in the design to reflect your individual style. New York Lifestyle is solid investment in lasting durability.

   Our craftsmen create impressive designs using arches, columns, clean curves, unique lighting and other contemporary variations.  From the elegant and simple to the functionally sophisticated, the designs created and crafted by New York Lifestyle are not just custom, but artworks that are one of a kind.

   Our designers will assist you in developing your concept and see you through the project's development and completion.  From the brainstorming to the installation of the project, New York Lifestyle will be with you every step of the way with expert advice and service.

   New York Lifestyle welcomes interior designers, architects, builders, and first time buyers.  Call for an appointment or visit our shop to see how we can turn your architectural/design dreams into reality.

New York Lifestyle, Inc.
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